10 Ways Your Content Can Gain Rapid Popularity

Any piece of media, blog or article that gains rapid popularity over a single or couple of days is considered as a viral content, like how we would say, “MJ’s death news went viral in just an hour!” The content can be anything like a Facebook post, a video on YouTube, a tweet or news content on the social media that are viewed and shared by millions of people worldwide.

A viral content results in speedy popularization of its subject be it an individual, an activity, any idea or even a brand.

But the question is how do this content get viral? Definitely the subject content has to be strong enough to affect the general mass.

Following are 10 strategies you can utilize to make your content go viral.

1. Make people look smart!

People love to look smart and boast about it. If an article or a video makes them look smart or clever, chances of it getting shared are more. In 2005, LinkedIn chose members from top 5% having the most viewed profiles for previous year. These people posted and tweeted on Facebook and Twitter respectively which were seen by thousands of viewers, as a result, LinkedIn’s market rose rapidly and they got an array of new members.

2. Keep it short

People are lazy or very busy to go through lengthy content. So the moral is keeping it short and simple. If it’s a video, don’t make it more than 1 minute, if it’s an article or blog- use catchy image or portray messages through headings and dot points.

3. A Human Angle

People get attached to things which they can relate to. If more people can relate to it or apply it in their lives; more is the chance of them sharing it and your content becoming viral.

4. Keep it Simple

A simple “how to” or “DIY” video can reach out to thousands of people. Be creative and come up with something common but catchy and your content will be appreciated by many.

5. Interactive

If you have expertise in a particular thing or subject, utilize it. People look for expert contents. So if you’re a pro photographer or have some delicious homemade culinary recipes, it’s just minutes away from getting viral. Interaction is the key to going viral.


Viewers are inquisitive, give them the opportunity to ask questions or share their opinions. This way you will know they are interested in your content and you have more ideas coming your way for improvisation.

7. Lists and Imagery

Blogs can be made interesting by incorporating lists and creative imagery. This highlights important points and attracts more viewers.

8. Impressive Headline

There is a lot to read in the internet but less time. Choose an attractive heading that is compelling enough to draw attention to your content.

9. Do not Down talk

Be careful not to down talk any group or community because people put their own reputation at sake when they share information. Any mistakes and your post will be trashed.

10. Make posts appropriate

Your post will be viewed by general people from all ages and having experience in many fields. Try to put correct information, proper grammar and appropriate formatting to make the content readable.

While there is no exact recipe to get your content the rapid viral touch, but following these guidelines will surely get your content the fame it deserves.

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