10 Tips on How To Write A Good Blog

Blogging today has become a vital complimentary asset to websites. It’s like adding a surround sound system or a Blu-ray player to your big screen TV. Blog writing can be very challenging as well as intimidating. Consequently I have taken the time to guide you on how to write a good blog. I have put together 10 tips which will surely simplify the process.

1 – It’s All About the Title

How many times have you picked up a magazine or a book just because of its catchy title? The title of your blog post is the key to drawing people to read it. The title is one of the most important elements for SEO. Be sure to have your main keywords present in the title tag.

2 – Write for the Reader

Let’s face it, no one wants to read blogs written in Shakespearean classical English writing style. A blog should be clear and very easy to read. Try to use shorter sentences, selecting less difficult words to facilitate readability.

3 – Structure Your Content

Writing short paragraphs separated by sub headlines, including the use of bullet points lists is highly recommended. This type of structure makes the blog easy to read and enables the reader to understand the content of your blog within a few seconds.

4 – Provide Informative Content

For SEO purposes it is advisable to include not less than 300 words in your blog. The content needs to be instructive for your readers; don’t post anything that sounds too commercial or seems unnatural. However; your blog post should demonstrate your expertise and knowledge of the topic and offer answers, guidance, and related information. This will encourage your readers to visit your blog regularly.

5 – Tell Your Reader What to do Next

Towards the end of the blog post, encourage your readers to share your content on social media and continue reading other related articles. This will enhance the retention of your blog information and maintain its existence in the reader’s memory. It will certainly increase the time that the reader spends on your blogs, and thus ultimately increase your reader’s loyalty.

6 – Include an Image

As the saying goes “An image is worth a thousand words” images make your blog post visually attractive. You can create or purchase relevant images from sites like Shutterstock. Make sure to compress those images as they can make your blog post very slow to download.

7 – Proofread Your Blog Post

Posting a blog with grammar and spelling mistakes can make it look unprofessional. Read your blog post several times and have a colleague proofread it as well before you can finally post it.

8 – Link to Other Pages

A good practice is to include links to other relevant pages. Do not overdo linking to other pages as this can be distracting to the reader and can get you penalized by Google thus hindering your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

9 – Offer a Guest Book

Most readers who enjoy reading your blog post will leave you a positive comment. Furthermore those readers who need more information will post questions opening the door for an engaging conversation.

10 – Research the Web

Researching the topic you want to write about can help enhance the quality of your blog and will often help inspire you to write better blogs.


Blogging can be challenging but it’s no rocket science. All you needs is practice! In fact by the time you write your tenth blog you will realize a noticeable improvement both in your writing style and research skills. I hope that those tips will provide you with the guidelines you need in order to start writing good blogs.

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