10 Tips For a Successful Blogging Campaign

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. You can find blogs pertaining to everything from apples to zebras, and on any subject you can conceivably think about. Your own blog is going to be about whatever subject and content you find most advantageous for you.

Blogging is also a fantastic way to get a lot of traffic to visit your blog or web pages. However, there are some tips you should know in order to have a successful blogging campaign:

1. Make Valuable Posts on Your Own Blog

Write interesting and informative articles on your own blog. Readers want to be entertained as well as informed, so be sure you understand your fan base and what they want to read.

2. Share What You Have Written

One mistake a lot of people make when first starting out is only sharing the link to their blog in one place. The more places you share your link, the more people will wander your way.

Share links with the right group of people: this means you are going to share your links with people who will show the most interest in your product or service. Share on every possible site you can: this will give you the most exposure, and is sure to result in more traffic visiting your blog.

3. Write to Your Audience

Understand what they are looking for, and deliver the goods. You want these readers to share your content with others, so make it something they feel good about sharing.

4. Attracting Content Sharers

Attracting ‘content distributors’ (those who have accounts on various social networks), and ‘heavy content sharers’ (those who are extremely active in a wide variety of social sites, and who also have their own websites and blogs) is important if you really want to generate a fair amount of traffic to your blog.

These people are the ones most likely to share your content with their own readers.

5. Guest Articles on Your Blog by Top Bloggers

Ask some of the top bloggers in your particular niche to write guest articles for your blog.

Known bloggers often have large followings, so you are assured that dozens (if not hundreds) of people are going to find their way to your blog.

Search out those who will write a blog post without requiring a fee. Some top bloggers are happy to share a free article, some aren’t.

6. Offer to Write a Guest Post For These Same Bloggers

What better way to get your name out there than to write for a well-known blogger? Well written content is sure to drive traffic to your blog; readers are going to want to see what other important words you have to offer.

Do some homework before asking to be a guest poster: look for blogs that already generate a good amount of daily traffic.

7. Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Take advantage of this free way to advertise your blog. If you put even 20% of your efforts into your content writing for optimizing search engines, then you can expect an 80% return in traffic to your blog.

8. Know Which Keywords Your Readers Are Searching For

Do some research to see just what keywords your readers are looking for in their searches. When you know what phrases and terms your target audience is typing, then you have a much clearer path to writing quality SEO articles.

9. Seek Google’s Help

Don’t overlook the obvious. You’re probably familiar with Google’s free tool called AdWords Keyword Planner which is very helpful in finding just the right keywords to use in your own writing.

10. Create Content People Will Want to Read

Simply following these tips will help you create blog content that people will want to read. Remember, blogging doesn’t mean ‘to blog just on your own site’, be sure to share your words of wisdom on other blogs that fall in your niche market. The more times you get your words (and name) out there, the more traffic you direct to your own blog.

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