10 Amazing Ideas For Your Blog Posts

Having your own blog can prove to be a challenge when trying to come up with new and interesting blog posts and keep your readers’ attention.

Here are some ideas to keep you generating blog posts for a long time.

1. Write about each month of the year and your favorite events or holidays around that time. With twelve months to choose from and each year of your life, there is plenty of material to use

2. Review your favorite movies and their plots, interesting facts and theories as well as actors, soundtracks, main actors and so on

3. Talk about your family members, their characteristics, traits, what you love about them and their funny or their most annoying habits, sayings or actions

4. Explain your job role, people you work with, why you find it rewarding or challenging and how many jobs you have had, comparing them all

5. Provide a list of your favorite recipes, what you eat each day and their health benefits or not, why you like them and how you cook or eat them. it may be to lose weight, for medical and GP advice or simply because you like it

6. Childhood TV programs that you remember, their theme tunes and main characters. Also the stories they told as there is always a moral

7. Scariest movies you have seen, the outline of the story and why they were so scary to you, special effects and who was the main villain. Often the earliest movies leave a lot to the imagination whereas more recent movies provide the best special effects to viewer

8. The best apps you have used on your telephone, iPad or tablet, what they do, how and why they work and what you use them for

9. A memorable event from every year you have been alive from the earliest memory you have up to date. To make this even more sustainable, relate your worst and best memory

10. The funniest jokes you know and who told you them first. It is often hard to remember the punchline or sometimes, the punchline is all you remember and you have to put the story back in place. Or they could be one-liners

For each example it would be best to rotate each idea each time you type in order that you are not boring your reader.

Also, ensure your posts are varied in length and you always research the subject well if you do not know much about it, for example, the plot of a movie or book.

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