CrazyGood gives you a place where you can privately communicate with friends and family without ads or any other type of advertising.

CrazyGood launched on August 9, 2010 at 11pm CST. Well, you are probably saying to yourself, here is another social media site just like all the new ones popping up all of a sudden.

What makes CrazyGood a little different from most of the other sites is:

” They give 10% back to charities.
” As you help build the community, they pay back 50% to the field.
” You can profit up to 5 generations from people you know and even people you don’t know yet.
” The more people you tell that join, the more money you make.
” It’s a private site, invitation only.
” Your information is protected.
” No advertising…ad free.

The owners wanted to reward the people that helped build the community so, in the long run, it truly pays to have friends.

CrazyGood is like what Zig Ziglar said, “You can get whatever you want out of life if you help others get what they want.” Well, with CrazyGood you can do just that because everyone wins on the site.

You are able to:

” Keep in touch with friends.
” Post videos.
” Send out messages for events.
” Create groups.
” Create photo albums.

So, if you are tired of ads, ads and more ads on your social media site, have a good look at CrazyGood. It is the next evolution of social networking where members of the community can share in company revenues that they help create.

It not only gives you a sense of ownership, it should give you a certain sense of satisfaction that you can help others as you help yourself.

To put CrazyGood in a nutshell, it provides an equal opportunity for all and, at the same time, it is built on a foundation of giving and your privacy is protected.

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