The Importance of Pictures in Blogs

Even the best Internet marketing company will tell you that a blog without any pictures is like having a meal without dessert. A blog is just not complete without any pictures. Besides, pictures also count as content, and having an effective approach to pictures can do a lot in your content marketing efforts than just making blog entries look complete and attention-grabbing. Blogging these days has become more than just a writer-centric activity. Blogging now including skills in writing, visual artistry, and marketing. For some lucky ones, they can possess all three skill sets, while some would need to collaborate with other experts to become a team. Either way, all three skills are already required for a complete blog: a writer will come up with the text to the topic; the artist contributes visuals to make the post catchy, attention-grabbing, and more effective in transmitting the message; the marketer is responsible that people read the finished work.

A lot has been said about content marketing and writing on topics that will appeal to readers. Thus, we should now move on to making sure that the visuals are taken care of properly and are effective as the rest of the blogging efforts. Here are some points to consider regarding images in blogs:

* All images are good.

Even the most boring stock photo would be better than having no photo in a blog at all. Stock photos are not necessarily the type of material that want to share through social media (e.g., pin on their Pinterest accounts), but at least it may hold your reader’s interest long enough or him or her to consider reading the rest of your blog post. Alas, there’s also the point of images acting as breaks to very long text, so even if you employ the most boring picture, at least it serves its purpose of letting the reader rest his or her eyes for a second before moving on to the next paragraph.

* Images as headlines

Moreover, images may also serve as headliners. The headline or in this case, the picture, is what will grab the attention of the reader first. As important as it is to have an attention-grabbing headline to make readers curious, a good looking picture would further their interest in your content. However, as search engines cannot read images, it would be wise to put a caption every time you post a picture.

* Images are not just for Pinterest

While it is true that blogs with pictures, do get shared a lot on Pinterest, it should also be noted that items that are frequently shared on Google+ and Facebook are the ones with the most effective images. Moreover, links to posts that have high-quality images have a tendency to get clicked more than links that have no attention-getting images. This should make the job easier for the blog marketer.

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